Adaptation to climate change risks in Ibero-american countries.



RIOCCADAPT is an international project funded by the ARAUCLIMA program of the Spanish Agency for Development Cooperation, and coordinated by the University of Castilla-La Mancha. Its main goal has been to produce the RIOCCADAPT Report, in which the actions of adaptation to climate change that the countries of the Iberoamerican Network of Climate Change (RIOCC) (, as well as its vulnerabilities and risks. High exposure of the region to risks derived from climate change has made adaptation to it an area of priority work for the RIOCC.

The RIOCCADAPT Report has been written by a multidisciplinary team of more than a hundred of academics and researchers from all the RIOCC countries. For its writing it has been used how much information has been available, mostly from peer-reviewed papers, on the main sectors and systems threatened by climate change in the region. In addition, a series of case studies with adaptive value in the face of climate change, many of which have arisen from unplanned form, and that show the autonomous reaction capacity of the region against to climatic adversities.

The report has focused on the main natural, terrestrial and inland aquatic ecosystems or coastal marine, biodiversity, water, fishing or agricultural resources, the risks of extreme weather or climate events, such as hurricanes, storms, droughts, floods, landslides, and aspects most closely related to populations human, its settlements, coastal areas and health, as well as the tourism. The text is intended to serve as a reference for the responsible institutions of climate and environmental governance, as well as organizations not development governments or the general public of Ibero-American countries.

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J.M. Moreno, C. Laguna Defior, V. Barros, E. Calvo Buendía, J.A. Marengo, U. Oswald Spring (Autor)

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