Downscaling climate change impacts



This book provides a comprehensive overview of the future scenarios of climate change and management
concerns associated with climate change impacts on the blue economy of European islands and
outermost regions. The publication collects major findings of the SOCLIMPACT project’s research
outcomes, aiming to raise social awareness among policy-makers and industry about climate change
consequences at local level, and provide knowledge-based information to support policy design, from local
to national level. This comprehensive book will also assist students, scholars and practitioners to
understand, conceptualize and manage climate change information and applied research. This book
provides invaluable material for Blue Growth Management, theory and application, at all levels.
This first edition includes up-to-date data, statistics, references, case material and figures of the 12 islands
case studies, so presenting a must-read book, given the accessible style and breadth and depth with
which the topic is dealt. The book is an up-to-date synthesis of key knowledge on this area, written by a
multidisciplinary group of experts on climate and economic modelling, and policy design.

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ISBN/13: 9788448625665

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Año de publicación: 2022

Editorial: Mc Graw Hill Interamericana S.L.

Categoría: Cambio climático

Instituto Universitario TIDES (Autor)

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