Graphic Tales From a Manic Mind



A sudden call to action from the Empire State Building. A Royal Flush of powerful men. A smell of roses in the air. A parade of birds flying in circles, forming a halo. Where is the invisible line that separates reality from delusion? Are signs trustworthy? How far can the imagination go without restraint and what –good or bad– might stem from it? At the age of 37, Irma Bravo was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The lack of proper treatment flared up in an unexpected way: the setup of a social media profile slowly sent her into a spiral of growing delusions, seamlessly enmeshed with her daily life. In this, her first book, she shares her pure, raw recollections of those manic days, right from the stories that unfolded in her mind and the pictures she took at the time. Her look down the rabbit hole of a psychotic crisis –through a compelling and gripping narrative, gives the reader a glimpse into her challenging quest for clarity and a poignant reminder of both the fragility and power of the human mind.

Detalles del Libro

ISBN/13: 9788418665851

Num. Páginas: 170

Tamaño: 170 X 228 mm

Encuadernación: Tapa blanda con solapas

Año de publicación: 2022

Editorial: Caligrama

Categoría: MEMORIAS

Irma Bravo (Autor)

Irma Bravo is a US-born, Venezuelan architect with a degree in Fashion Design from Parsons School of Design. Her creative work, a marriage between these two passions, has been included in collections and projects of brands such as Michael Kors, Elie Tahari and the Rockwell Group, as well as being displayed in Vogue and Elle magazines. To fulfill her childhood dream of engaging in social activities, she led two pioneering projects: JungleCHICk-a sustainable fashion business brand to empower artisan communities in Venezuela– and PrincesaLuna, a line of kid’s accessories that spread values and positivity among children. After being diagnosed with bipolar disorder-in her case leaning only towards mania- she shares her surreal journey and the optimistic insights she got from it. Her hope is to raise awareness about a still very misunderstood illness.

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