Hiroshige Famous Places of Naniwa (Osaka)



This book shows the 10 Famous Views Of Naniwa (Osaka) by Hiroshige published in 1834. They are unusual in that they show markets with merchants negotiating.

The 8 Views is a Chinese artistic and literary theme developed already in the 10th century and then transposed into Japanese culture, where it developed its own independent expression.

Print artist Utagawa Hiroshige as many other Japanese artists took up the issue of 8 Views of Ōmi and again as other Japanese artists he expanded the theme into 8 Views of Kanazawa, 8 Views of Edo Environs and other locations.

To give some background there are many other prints especially about rice but also fishing and transportation, and cultural activities afforded by the wealth accumulated by the merchants. It is possible to travel to see the same sites today.

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ISBN/13: 9781960269256

Num. Páginas: 156

Tamaño: 140 X 200 mm

Encuadernación: Tapa blanda

Año de publicación: 2023



Cristina Berna (Autor)

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