Around the world for 20 bucks!



Two young unemployed journalists, sick of the work situation in Spain, grabbed a calculator and did the math: € 6,000 in rent, € 1,340 in gasoline, everyday expenses, taxes, insurance, gym... and no income. It was more expensive to sit at home with their arms crossed than to travel the world. So they decided, for nine months and across 28 countries, to make their dream come true: to travel around the planet and leave it all... to take on the world! They said goodbye to routine. They strapped on their backpacks. And they went in search of opportunities, to discover new countries, to dive into foreign culture, and to end the adventure getting married on an idyllic beach in Bali. All this with a budget of only 20 € per day per person. In this book they tell all their stories, tips and tricks to make sure a great trip is cheaper than to live in Spain. Shall we travel?

Detalles del Libro

ISBN/13: 9788416179367

Num. Páginas: 234

Tamaño: 150 X 210 mm

Encuadernación: Tapa blanda con solapas

Año de publicación: 2016

Editorial: Editorial Samarcanda

Categoría: Literatura de viajes

José Pablo García (Autor)

María José Morón:
I have two passions, my profession, journalism, and travel. I currently work from Spain for the world of business communication and universe 2.0. I put color into and give shape to

José Pablo García:
I am equal parts Journalist and Traveler. I work in television as a reporter, always with a suitcase ready to leave in search of stories around the world. I cannot live without creating. The latter for the expeditions of the Adventure Club of Atomarpormundo.

María José Morón (Autor)

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