A specie created to serve has finally broken free and is determined to change the fate of the universe. The Mechs, a squad of elite mechanized soldiers, suddenly become conscious during a routine search and destroy mission. United by their newfound freedom, they seek a vital purpose to give themselves to and find it in a matter of seconds: to locate their place in the universe. To do so, they decide to learn about the history of the other races inhabiting the cosmos. Thus begins a journey into the hidden archives, a library full of stories and characters that influenced the destiny of the universe. They learn of the life of the ruthless supreme general of the Va"ans, a bloodthirsty race dedicated to delivering souls to their god Vassal. They discover the twisted history of Oracle Ovius, who tried to conquer the universe for himself and ended up doomed for centuries. Furthermore, they learn about the Scavengons and their ruthless caste system, which disdains the merits of the lower castes. A society that refuses to progress even when an amazing engineer shows them the way. Finally, they read about the Earthlings, driven by their avid and greedy purposes, despite being newcomers to the universe. Now it is up to the Mechs to write their story among the stars and bring hope to the farthest reaches of the universe, to the Outer Ring.


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2023-03-27 19:06:43

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If your father narrates you science fiction stories before you go to sleep, you end up dreaming about them. Daniel Valdés is a dreamer, author of the novel and CEO of Nexxyo Labs, the company that is developing the videogame that will create the Outer Ring universe. This is what happens to dreamers: they want their dream to get bigger and bigger. The pages of a book were not enough to quench his passion for space adventures, which he is now capturing in a videogame because he cannot afford a rocket —yet— and live them himself. Born in Potasas, in a small mining town in the Pamplona region, he developed a deep curiosity for space from a very young age. His father made him raise his eyes to the sky and, as he grew up, he learned to look through the eyes of Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Kim Stanley Robinson and Iain Banks. The stories he read kept his passion burning and, although his professional career began amidst the sparks of welding and the fires of various kitchens, it was the starlight he kept chasing. Outer Ring is just a small sun in a much larger galaxy, a universe alive and ready to be explored by all future Outer Ring MMO players. Daniel's dream is that the book and video game will cause many to look up into space, igniting in them the same passion for the stars that he himself inherited from his father.

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