On the Origins of Taxation



In his new book, the professor of the University of Pécs, Faculty of Law has examined the ancient roots of taxation dated back before the establishment and emergence of writing. He is the first, who defined the social development of taxation and some tax types from the very beginning. The author recognised that the tax systems in irrigated and dryland cultures emerged and evolved in two different paths. He also underlined that taxation is not the same old as the early states, on the contrary, the first civilisations need the help of taxation in order to start their emergence. The author analysed his field of research by using the findings of history, archaeology, sociology and law. The work would be an interesting and useful reading not only for researchers in the field of financial law, but also for those, who are interested in the development of society and history. The monograph deserves special attention, because its niche content and furthermore also for its tight and clear style, logical structure and historical approach. The book could not only become a basic component of any high standard library, but would also change our thoughts about social science.

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ISBN/13: 9788419187420

Num. Páginas: 372

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Año de publicación: 2022

Editorial: Aula Magna Proyecto clave McGraw Hill


Dr. Csaba Szilovics (Autor)

The author was born in Pécs in 1966, he obtained his law degree in 1992 at The University of Pécs. Ha has been working at the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences at The University of Pécs as a professor and the head of the Financial and Economical department. At the Faculty of Economics he graduated from economy (MBA division) in 2000 and he made a Phd degree in 2002. He was a performer and seminar leader at more than 20 international conference form Spain to China. At the moment he is the external consultant of the Sanghai Academy of Sociological and Law sciences. Including of his more than 160 scientifical publication there are 6 hungarian and one german monography, he has more than 30 english and german languaged study. His special research topics are law following, the history of taxation , the central bugdeting and the synthesis of the optimal tax system.

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