The Elves of the Alhambra



Laura lives in Granada and really loves the
Alhambra. One Sunday, while visiting the
palace with her father, she meets some elves
who show her around the precincts and teach
her the monument?s history. They also show
her how to draw some of its beautiful tiles.
The route that the little girl follows is available
to all visitors: starting at the Door of Justice,
touring the wonderful Nasrid Palaces and
ending at the Generalife.
The elves show the girl every little detail: the
Alhambra?s tiling, its ceilings and fountains, its
inscriptions? On this fantastic tour, children
can learn how to draw the beautiful geometric
designs of the Alhambra tiles and learn the
secrets behind them.

Detalles del Libro

ISBN/13: 9788415940128

Num. Páginas: 72

Tamaño: 210 X 150 mm

Año de publicación: 2017

Editorial: Dauro

Categoría: Cuentos

Maryorie Benavides (Autor)

Maryorie Benavides was born in Santiago
de Chile. She?s a Mathematics teacher and has a
degree in Teaching from the Pontifical Catholic
University of Chile, as well as a PhD from the
University of Granada. Some years ago she decided
to travel to Granada, where she visited the
majestic Alhambra palace. She ventured to write
this lovely tale so that children might learn about
the Alhambra from its pages and have fun
drawing some of its wonderful tiling patterns.

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