The Origin of Macroeconomics

The true origin of macroeconomics.



This book details an unprecedented finding in the history of economic thought: the true origin of macroeconomics. This occurred in Spain with the researcher Germán Bernácer (Alicante 1883-1965) and his first book: Sociedad y Felicidad. Un Ensayo de Mecánica Social (Society and Happiness. An Essay on Social Mechanics), published in 1916. Twenty years before the publication of The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money (1936) by Keynes, Bernácer established the fundamental pillars of macroeconomics. Some of these works came to the attention of Professor Robertson in Cambridge where Keynes worked. Villacís demonstrates the invalidity of the fundamental equation of macroeconomics: savings equal to investment.
This book discusses the epistolary relationship of the author, José Villacís, with Professor Robert M. Solow.

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José Villacís González (Autor)

José Villacís holds a doctorate in economic and business sciences and a bachelor"s degree in political science. He has been a specialist in the Treasury and Finance Ministry and an Economist for the Social Security Ministry. He has been a university professor in the fields of macroeconomics, microeconomics and public finance. He has made two discoveries: the origin of macroeconomics in the works of Germán Bernácer and its consequences, the invalidity of the fundamental equation of macroeconomics (S = I), and the theory of net availabilities. He has worked on combinatorial theory applied to puzzles and asymmetric information.
He is currently an honorary professor at the CEU-San Pablo University.

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