Ventura in Rome



Famous little Ventura faces a new challenge: help solve a mysterious puzzle in Rome. In just a few exciting hours, he dashes all around the capital of Italy, discovering the magnificent architecture and some of the most important characters in history. Will he find clues at the Sistine Chapel, the Trevi Fountain, and the Coliseum? Can Trajan, Sofia Loren, and the great Michelangelo help Ventura decipher Juno’s puzzle?
This illustrated children’s book is a fun and exciting way to get to know some of the most important monuments and historic characters of Rome and Italy.
“Ventura in Rome” follows the footsteps of “Ventura in New York” and “Ventura in Cordoba,” the popular children’s series that encourages the passion of discovery and learning through travel.

Detalles del Libro

ISBN/13: 9781524316877

Num. Páginas: 44

Tamaño: 203 X 203 mm

Encuadernación: Tapa blanda

Año de publicación: 2022

Editorial: EBL Books

Categoría: Personas y lugares (infantil/juvenil)

Jorge Molinero Méndez (Autor)

Seville, 1974
If there is one thing that defines the author of this book, it’s his wanderlust and passion for adventure. A relentless nomad, over the years Jorge has been to more than 100 countries on five continents. His webpage, www.aventurayfotografí, is a showcase of his world travels, displaying his love for discovering new cultures, people, and countries.
Amongst many other adventures, he spent a year backpacking around the world, sailed across the Atlantic, climbed the highest mountain in Africa, hiked around the Himalayas, crossed the Sahel desert in a rattletrap Renault, dived with sharks and stingrays, photographed wildlife in the national parks of Africa, Asia, and America, and shared experiences with remote African tribes such as the Himba, the Maasai, and the Pygmy.
Apart from his homeland Spain, Jorge has lived in Chile and the United States. “Ventura in Rome” continues Ventura´s Saga, a popular children’s storybook collection that encourages the passion of discovery and learning through travel.

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