Be happier than the Dalai Lama

The wisdom of the Great Masters applied to the modern world

José Antonio Manchado (Autor)


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This book describes my experiences, using simple and practical language so that everyone can capture the essence of the book and find out how to apply these ancient teachings and tools to our lives in today’s world. If you let it, this book –and the practice of some of the keys I share in it– will mark a turning point in your life, whatever your religion, philosophy, age or situation may be. You will begin to feel truly happy, in tune with life, connected with your true inner self and even, as the title says, happier than the Dalai Lama!

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ISBN/13: 9788416439492

Num. Páginas: 276

Tamaño: 150 X 210 mm

Año de publicación: 2015

Editorial: Punto Rojo Libros S.L.


José Antonio Manchado (Autor)

I should have been born in the Himalayas! —shouted in desperation a patient of mine who was going through a difficult period. Hearing him helped me decide to go ahead with my idea of sharing in a book all these stories full of ancestral teachings applicable to the modern world, and at the same time his words gave me a good idea for the title.
The concept of the Dalai Lama as a happy and fulfilled human being is known the world over: here, in Japan and in Tibet itself. Taking into account this universally-accepted truth, the following reflections come to mind: what is it that makes this person and others like him so happy and cheerful? What do they know that we don’t know? What have we been “missing”? How is it possible to maintain such states of peace and happiness? Were these individuals born like this or is it something they learned? Are we “mere mortals” capable of attaining these states, even though we were not born in Tibet?
Using real stories about self-discovery and the overcoming of challenges, this book illustrates, in clear and simple terms, the keys, methods and teachings that will help us reach these levels of awareness, contentment and happiness. On my frequent journeys of self-discovery around the world, I have had the opportunity to work with many different teachers, lamas, monks and other extraordinary beings. From them I have learned effective and transformative methods that help us connect with the state of well-being shown by these wonderful beings, who live in constant love and joy.

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