Sophie in the valley wind

Dill McLain (Autor)


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In a lost village in a long valley the little boy Karli sits alone in front of a house. He is sad and bored, because day after day no one is playing with him. Suddenly, a voice calls him. It is the small windmill Sophie, standing in a flower pot on the windowsill.
Sophie gives him a precious advice which he enthusiastically follows. A new life begins for Karli within hours. And miracles happen in the village.
Tis is the frst story of a planned series. Te author wants to show – and motivate all readers, young and old - that there is always hope, even in dark phases, that wonderful changes can occur when we remain ready and not lost in our soul.

Detalles del Libro

ISBN/13: 9788413040981

Num. Páginas: 40

Tamaño: 210 X 210 mm

Año de publicación: 2018

Editorial: Grupo Editorial Círculo Rojo SL


Dill McLain (Autor)

orn on November 30, 1949, in Zurich, Switzerland; where she lives with her husband Alan Bruce Thompson.
After commercial education and more than forty years of working as assistant in various branches, she began to write short stories in English, which she publishes regularly online on the site
Te Cuban author Manuel Olivera Gómez regularly translates her short stories into Spanish. A first selection of her stories in Spanish appeared in December 2016 with the title ‘A medianoche
en Adra’ (Editorial Circulo Rojo, available on, also Kindle version, and as ebook on This collection in English with the title ‘At midnight in Adra’ is in preparation.
In October 2015 appeared her first novel ‘Nieves perpetuas en Almería’ (Editorial Circulo Rojo, available on, also Kindle version). She wrote the first version in Spanish, which was revised in collaboration with the Cuban author Manuel Olivera Gómez.
‘Snowfields in Almeria’, the English version of that work, appeared in April 2017 (Editorial Circulo Rojo, available on, also version Kindle); Alan Bruce Tompson revised her own translation into English.
‘Sophie in the valley wind’ is her first children’s book (Editorial Circulo Rojo, available on, also version Kindle). She wrote it in English, her text was revised by Alan Bruce Thompson.
She is a passionate traveller, dedicated to culture and art of the world. In addition, she likes music, and daydreaming. With her husband she lives several months per year in a picturesque hamlet on the South Coast of Andalusia, Spain, where both work on their respective projects.

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